Impressionism and Realism

Impressionism, not my cup of tea… Perhaps one of the best well known female Impressionist artist of the 19th century would have to be Mary Stevenson Cassatt. Learning more about her, it is interesting to see how she was unique for her time because she was both a woman and an American. The United States […]

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Viva La Revolution!

A Time of  Change at the Cost of Many The classical era covers the 1700’s and had many different influences, from people to events. During the 1700’s two of most distinguished conflicts were both the American and French Revolutions. The American Revolution was a inspiring in that before this time no single colony or group of […]

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Religion and Baroque Art

The Renaissance was a time where the Catholic Church was losing influence and more importantly power. During this time the Protestant Reformation was attracting many people to its new ideals that included more importance on humanity and the ability of reading the Bible and interpreting the words as one saw them. The Church needed a […]

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A Look Into Renaissance Art

The Ambassadors by Hans Holbein the Younger is painting that displays two men standing beside a collection of items that hold many different meanings. The piece was completed in 1533 most likely in England and was rumored to have been commissioned by Anne Boleyn. During the time the painting was created Henry V was in the […]

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